Music Mixing

I will be your Sonic Architect for modern Music Mixing

Let me bring your musical vision to life with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Backed by years of experience and an insatiable passion for sound, I craft mixes that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Each note, beat, and harmony is meticulously curated to create an auditory masterpiece that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

I have an impressive range of mixing tools, equipment and experience to mix your song(s)

How it works

Once you have purchased you send me a Dropbox or Google link to a .zip file containing your multitrack 44.1K or 48K .WAV files.

I will mix your song to sound modern and professional (or old and retro with vinyl noise if you want that) and will send you back an unmastered stereo .WAV file.

It is helpful to provide two reference tracks of the sound you have in mind (this is for EQ rather than parts as of course mixing is not producing, it is mixing with what you provide), yet still helpful to let me know what you’re after.

I will perform one revision if you are not happy with the results, if you offer detailed information.

Whether you’re bringing a dynamic pop anthem to life or infusing a soulful ballad with emotion, I traverse genres and styles. Your music’s unique character is preserved and enhanced, breathing new life into your composition and delivering an auditory journey that captivates and resonates.

Use the form below to tell me about your project and I will be able to offer you a quote.


For all business enquiries please get in touch by using this form.